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Crossroads Magazine 5/6/18 Crossroads Magazine 5/6/18We speak with members of a Christian organization on their way to Puerto Rico on a medical mission to help those still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. And visit the shoreline of Connecticut to find how one town is helping those in need provide for their pets. Plus there's a new trend that’s helping clothe the homeless. 5/6/2018
Crossroads Magazine 4/29/18 Crossroads Magazine 4/29/18 We're visiting the Holy Land...Holy Land U.S.A. that is, where an exciting event is taking place. And April is both Child Abuse Prevention Month and Autism Awareness Month. Find out what the Hartford Archdiocese is doing to keep children safe against child sexual abuse, and how one organization is making a positive difference in the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.4/29/2018
Crosswroads Magazine 4/22/18 Crosswroads Magazine 4/22/18This edition of our program focuses on Christians in the ancient land that is the cradle of our faith. We’ll explore the ways Connecticut is tied in modern times to our suffering brothers and sisters, believers persecuted in this present day in their own homeland, where Christianity has thrived since the time of the Apostles.4/22/2018
Crossroads Magazine 3/18/18 Crossroads Magazine 3/18/18We take you to The Chowder Pot restaurant and prepare a couple Lenten Friday-appropriate fish dishes. Plus we remember St. Padre Pio and visit the parish of St. Pio of Pietrelcina in East Haven where the public will be encouraged to venerate relics of St. Pio this week.3/18/2018